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Macaron Ice cream, patisserie pariSco, homemade, Bakery, French, Guam, Tamuning


 Macaron Ice-Cream are the most instagrammable dessert at our patisserie. We make 8 different and delicious flavors daily including :  Purple Taro, Strawberry cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Dough, Double Chocolate Fudge, Mint Chocolate Chip and  French Vanilla. This is the perfect treat on a hot sunny day!


 Macaron: $6 each
XL Macaron Ice-Cream (serves 8-10) : $55

Macaron Ice cream, oreo, Patisserie PariSco, Homemade, Guam, Bakery



 We recommend that you wait 5-10 minutes before eating your Macaron Ice cream as it needs time to defrost into the best texture. 


 To pre-order one of our XL Macaron ice creams, please give us a 5 day notice. 

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