Grape variety:

 100% Chenin.



Semi-sweet and mineral white wine.

The nice amber‐colored yellow announces a complex nose, revealing a nice floral smell.

The expression in mouth is full because of the body and good balance between residual sugars and acidity. It provides this Vouvray a lot of delicacy and a nice roundness in mouth.

Slightly sweet, with flavors of smokey peach, pears and quince.



A great pairing with fruit-based desserts, berries tropical fruits and even lemon desserts.

Serving temperature around 8° ‐ 10°C.


Wine‐growing area:

Vineyards located in the Northern part of the Loire area, close to the town of Tours. Our selection mostly comes from the village of Noizay.

Vinification process:

Hand‐picked      harvest      then       slow       vinification       under       low       temperatures     in  calcareous  cellars  (allowing  the   stable   average   temperature   of   12°c).   Fermentation stopped before the end of the process in order to keep a certain rate of residual sugar.



Technical parameters

Acidity : 4,8 g/l ‐ Sulphur : 45 mg/l (indicative measures)

Loire Valley | Vouvray La Lanterne Demi-sec (semi-sweet)

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