Carte d’Or is very low sulfur, full-bodied Champagne, with very fine bubbles.

The Drappier house is known for its minimum use of sulfur, and natural, sustainable agriculture.



75% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Meunier



The Carte d’Or cuvée is the very expression of the Drappier style. With its very high proportion of Pinot Noir, one is almost tasting a Blanc de Noirs. Champagne with a fine aromatic richness, it opens with aromas of stoned fruits such as white vineyard peach. A spicy hint announces a powerful and complex palate. A vinous Champagne of lovely complexity with a characteristic note of quince jelly.



Ideal as an aperitif.

At the table, it goes with white meats, fish fillets, soft cheeses, and desserts.

Serve at 45°F, keep in an ice bucket.



Since 1808 the Drappier family has used its skill to select parcels of land which are particularly well exposed and extremely rich in limestone. The Drappier vineyard covers 100 hectares and constitutes the House’s essential trump card. For the most part, they are located around Urville, where Pinot Noir, the predominant grape variety, finds its loveliest expression and allows the production of very elegant, aromatic full-flavored Champagnes.

Champagne Drappier was the beloved General De Gaulle’s most favored Champagne.


Champagne | Drappier | Carte D'Or

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