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100% Pinot Noir



Pommard lies between Beaune and Volnay where the Côte de Beaune makes a slight turn towards Autun. The appellation, one of the first AOC to be so designated (1936), grows only red wines from the Pinot Noir grape.


VITICULTURE: Plantation density: 10 000 vine stocks per hectare. 



Handpicked harvest and first fermentation in stainless steel tank during   20‐25   days. Second fermentation in oak barrels  (30% new casks). Maturation during 15‐ 18 months in a cellar for ageing, stored in barrels.



Pommard is both rich and sensitive. Its colour is deep with mauve highlights. Its aromas are redolent of blackberry, bilberry, or gooseberry, cherry pit and ripe plum. Often, wild and feline notes develop with age. At full maturity, it tends towards leather, chocolate and pepper. It needs to be given time to open up to its fullest extent and to display its mouth‐filling texture, its firm but the delicate structure, its fruit‐filled mouth, and its chewy tannins, which by then will be properly smoothed down.



15 to 16°C



Furred or feathered game, braised or roasted. Thick cut beefsteak, lamb, or stewed poultry will respond to its firm‐textured tannins and concentrated aromas. It is a natural partner for cheeses with well‐developed flavours: Époisses, Langres and Soumaintrain, but also Comté.

GOOD FOR: 10 to 22 years according to the vintage year.


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