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The Petit Chablis is a pleasant fresh Chardonnay wine, with a very present minerality and floral aromas. It has a good attack accompanied by a significant aromatic persistence on the palate.



 It will express itself very well, alone as an aperitif or with cold meats, seafood, fish or dry goat cheese.

Contrary to popular belief, Petit Chablis, which has good acidity, has the ability to maintain its freshness for many years. It is not necessarily a wine to be consumed quickly as we often think.

To experience its full potential, serve chilled (but not too cold) at about 45 degrees.



The Durup family History: the Castle of Maligny, was the property of Marie‐Casimir d'Arquien who under the reign of the “Sun King” Louis XIV, became by marriage queen of Poland. Jean Durup, whose great‐grandfather was in the XIXth century, the last manager of the vineyard of the Château de Maligny , already at the time one of the most famous, deployed for years, treasures of energy to reconstruct it step by step.



The Little Chablis of the domains are produced on a little more than twenty hectares. The representative vines of this appellation have an average age of 25 to 30 years.

Harvested at perfect maturity and immediately pressed.

WINEMAKING: After settling, the vinification (fermentation under temperature control) is done in fiberglass or stainless steel tanks to keep the wine its natural character.



Wood is not used in order to remain close to the terroir and the traditional aromas of Chablis wines. The objective is to preserve the natural character of the wine from our terroirs without foreign input.


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Burgundy | Château De Maligny Petit Chablis

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