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100% Chardonnay

Chablis AOC, vol: 12.5%



It is a wonderfully well-rounded and supple wine. A Chardonnay in its purest rendition. Unobstructed full-flavored, yet light and fresh, with a clean long finish.

Due to its micro‐climate, its essential aromas are mainly the white flower and the rose.



Most enjoyable with fish dishes in sauce (not very spicy) or simply broiled or poached which goes very well with this wine.

For example, poached Parrotfish paired with the Chablis Vignes de la Reine would make an exceptional pairing.

The finesse of the fish and its sauce combine wonderfully with the roundness of the wine. It can also go well with dry goat cheeses.

To experience its full potential, serve chilled (but not too cold) at about 45 degrees.

Can easily be kept for 3 to 5 years.



Durup family History: This vine was once, like the Castle of Maligny, the property of Marie‐Casimir d'Arquien who under the reign of the “Sun King” Louis XIV, became by marriage Queen of Poland. Jean Durup, whose great‐grandfather was in the XIXth century, the last manager of the vineyard of the Château de Maligny, already at the time one of the most famous, deployed for years, treasures of energy to reconstruct it step by step.

This cuvée comes from an exceptional plot located in the Chablis appellation.



This plot is located in a very narrow valley (also called Mignotte valley ) in which there is a particular micro‐climate. The rays of the sun hit the poor and stony soil of the valley which stores this heat to restore it in favor of the clusters.



In order to stay close to Mother Nature and in order to preserve all of its natural characteristics in wine, vinification takes place only in vats and does not go through the wood.


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Burgundy | Château De Maligny Chablis Vigne De La Reine

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