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The Chateau de Maligny Chablis is a very clean Chardonnay wine. Fresh, crisp, and light, it's mineral citrus and fruity aromas develop easily with a full finish.



Chablis is most enjoyable as an aperitif and will be in perfect harmony with grilled fish, fresh seafood, shrimp Kelaguen, or even with fish tacos.

To experience its full potential, serve chilled (but not too cold) at about 45 degrees.



ESTATE AND FAMILY HISTORY:  The Durup family, expert Chablis winegrowers for generations, have cultivated the vineyards since the 15th century. The Jean Durup family estate is renowned for making the finest vintages from Chablis and this delightful Durup Chablis captures the very essence of the Burgundy region of France, with more acidity and flinty notes due to the cooler winter climate and limestone-rich soil. Made with hand-picked Chardonnay grapes and produced using traditional wine-making techniques, Chablis Durup is full of character with light oak notes and will certainly benefit from some bottle age.

The  Durup estates in this  Chablis appellation cover more than 110 ha. It is the most important area of the Chablis vineyard. This vineyard with an average age of 25 to over 30 years is located on the best coasts surrounding the Serein valley. A good half of the production of this appellation is located in the town of Maligny. It extends on hillsides mainly exposed to the south and west.



After settling, the vinification (fermentation under temperature control) is done in fiberglass or stainless steel tanks to keep the wine its natural character. In the purest respect of the Chablis tradition: no barrel aging; the objective, in our vinification, is to preserve the natural character of the wine from our terroirs without the slightest foreign contribution.


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Burgundy | Château De Maligny Chablis

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