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70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, blend

Appellation: Bordeaux Saint‐Emilion Grand Cru


TASTING NOTES : providing a nice balance, finesse, elegance and structure with a smooth long finish.


SERVING SUGGESTIONS : This splendid Saint. Emilion Grand Cru makes perfect pairings with beef, whether roasted, grilled, braised or stewed as well as with game meats, chicken, veal, pork, and with a myriad of hard or soft cheese.

Serve at room temperature, but not warm (68 to 70 degrees is ideal).

Best if decanted or opened 30 minutes to two hours before serving.


The spirit of Family: Tradition and quality.


The Joseph Janoueix family has been perpetuating the art of vines and wine for over 100 years. The reputation of its wines has been built by the constant search for quality and respect of its customers. The Joseph Janoueix house remains united and continues to perfect the company.



Beautiful property located on the prestigious town of Saint Emilion.

On the first cadasters in 1811, the vineyard was already mentioned.


Area under vines : 18 hectares

Soil‐type: Silty clay

Aging: In French oak barrels  


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Bordeaux | Saint Emilion Grand Cru Château Queyron

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